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TimeWaver Frequency Sport System – Micro power – Frequency Therapy speeds recovery

The TimeWaver Frequency Sport System is the ideal solution. The TimeWaver Frequency is available In the medical department, and your patients / athletes have a mobile TimeWaver Home at their disposal. With the TimeWaver Frequency, the medical department is able to prepare a personal and individual program for each patient / athlete and transfer it to the TimeWaver Home.

TimeWaver Frequency Sport

TimeWaver Frequency Sport System - Therapie und F

Database with 150.000 Frequencies

Sportmedizin und frequenzspezifischer Mikrostrom

TimeWaver Frequency Sport databases includes numerous programs sorted by indications, special modules for analysing the most suitable frequencies and over 150,000 frequencies that are assigned to more than 500 symptoms and indications.

Competition Regeneration
Regeneration nach Wettkämpfen

Faster regeneration during competitions is extremely important these days. A condensation of the game calendar through (inter)national obligations leads to a higher performance pressure. The result is a growing risk of injury.

Immediate support within the first two hours after a competition ensures that the natural regeneration of physical and mental processes can take place much faster. Cardiac muscle and cardiopulmonary circulation are supported, stabilisation of the electrolyte balance and targeted support of the musculoskeletal system and musculature are focused on. At the same time, a hormonal balance program provides the necessary relaxation.

Training Performance Increase
Leistungssteigerung im Training
In the search for ever better and more efficient training methods, the art lies in the optimal periodization of the training. Accelerated regeneration makes it possible to increase the “supercompensation” principle with the associated increase in potential performance.


Specialized individualized program protocols support cellular and immunological processes during the active training process. So should u.a. the functions of the capillary system, the oxygen uptake as well as the cardiopulmonary circulation are positively influenced.

In combination with TimeWaver Home – our small power package

TimeWaver Home

The TimeWaver Home System is a compact treatment system for individual frequency therapy. Although it is so versatile and powerful, it can be easily operated by anyone with “only” three buttons.

Das TimeWaver Home-System ist ein kompaktes Behandlungssystem zur individuellen Frequenztherapie. Obwohl es so vielseitig und leistungsfähig ist, kann es mit seinen „nur” drei Knöpfen von Jedermann ganz einfach bedient werden.

The “Sport” system consists of a stationary part (TimeWaver Frequency), which is available in the medical department and a number of mobile systems (TimeWaver Home), which can be used by the players themselves; at home, during holidays, before or after training or in the training camp.

With the TimeWaver Frequency, the medical department is able to create a personal and individual program for each player and transfer it to the TimeWaver Home.

The player can then “treat themself” according to the instructions of the medical department. With their TimeWaver Home, the player does not have to be in direct contact with the TimeWaver Frequency and can use the mobile device wherever they want; during holidays and trips or in the training camp.

The TimeWaver Home offers the athlete a high degree of flexibility and is tailored to the personal goals of each individual by the medical department.

TimeWaver Cardio-Pulse: Heart rate variability measurement

The TimeWaver Cardio system intends to provide a qualified diagnosis of the body and the whole vegetative nervous system as a unit, so that you can develop an individual and reliable therapy strategy. The 13 parameters of the TimeWaver Cardio for the therapy provision are divided into four main groups:

  • Vegetative nervous system, total energy, sympathetic / parasympathetic relationships (tension / relaxation)
  • Regulatory capacity with acute and chronic and stress parameters
  • Combined display of heart rate variability and extrasystole
  • Stress conditions with six parameters relating to the psycho, neuro, endocrine, and immunological system (mind, nerves, hormones, immune system)

The 13 parameters and their physical and psychological correlations:

  • Relationship between sympathetic and parasympathetic and higher frequencies between fatigue and stress.
  • Stress level of the total activity and the regulatory ability of the vegetative nervous system.
  • Acute stress / acute regulatory ability (requirements)
  • Chronic stress / chronic regulatory ability
  • Central pulse
  • Heart rate variability, stiffness and chaotic parameters
  • Extrasystolen, can be seen in chaotic tendencies
  • Stress conditions of the limbic system (will, motivation)
  • Regulatory capacity relating to various hormonal glands
  • Stress condition relating to the immune system
  • Stress condition relating to the tonus in the solar plexus (internal pressure)
  • Stress state of the sympathetic nervous system (adrenal glands, capacity, tension, activity, order to rigidity)
  • Stress state of the parasympathetic nervous system (vagus nerve, rest, intuition, relaxation, creativity, disorder to chaos)

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