14/06/2019 – 15/06/2019 ganztägig
TimeWaver Sport Education Center
Bahnhofstraße 1
35576 Wetzlar - Germany
Frau Katharina Endres
+49 (0)6441 - 444 688 13

Instructor: Florian Schöning:

Florian is a physiotherapist, Heilpraktiker of physiotherapy and educated in u.a. Sports Physiotherapy, Manual Therapy, Osteopathy and is an authorized FSM Trainer. Florian is trained by Dr. med. Carol McMakin and has been working successfully with FSM in his practice for two years.

Ausbilder: Florian Schöning - für TimeWaver McMakin Sport Seminare & Ausbildung

The inaugural seminar includes basic knowledge of microcurrent and the use of specific frequencies and protocols.
These are used to address specific tissues and conditions based on the principles of bioresonance.
The content of the seminar focuses on the frequencies and protocols used to treat chronic myofascial pain, acute injury, discogenic pain, and post-concussion syndrome.

All FSM treatment strategies combined with hands-on techniques and involvement of relevant structures (including seminar script).

Costs: when purchasing a TimeWaver Frequency McMakin device via TimeWaver Sport, this Sports Excellent training is included, otherwise the cost is 350.00 Euro

* The costs are for a repeat seminar 350, 00 Euro.

* * Including drinks and Lunch.


*Angaben werden benötigt